Choosing Activities for Your German Shepherd


Renowned for its great intelligence, the German Shepherd is a dog that needs a lot of physical and mental activity to thrive. As a German Shepherd owner, you need to find the right activities for your dog. To do this, you must know your dog well, know his preferences, and have an idea of ​​his abilities. Here are some tips that can guide you.

The German Shepherd is an athletic dog

One of the very athletic dog breeds, the German Shepherd has a muscular and powerful body. Therefore, he needs to exercise daily. A breed of dogs having herding dogs as its ancestor like its cousin the Australian Shepherd, the German Shepherd likes to stay outside. He also has a lot of stamina and is very dynamic. As a result, this dog is the ideal companion for people who like to move and who love to play sports. Moreover, sport is really a recommended activity for the German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd loves to play and have fun

Overflowing with energy, the German Shepherd loves spending time with his master or with other dogs with whom he can have fun. Very intelligent, this dog learns quickly and understands the limits imposed on him. Of a gentle nature, your dog loves children who can stay with him without fear.

Games And Activities For Your German Shepherd

Both athletic and intelligent, the German Shepherd will happily take part in different types of activities and games. You can do activities inside your house, but your dog will enjoy activities outside more. So, do not hesitate to go hiking with him, to participate in mountain biking can events, play treasure hunts, or even do obedience games.

If it’s raining, don’t hesitate to invent mental stimulation games for your German Shepherd. He will also appreciate the quiet moments spent next to you.

Canine Frisbee

When it comes to games, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Particularly fond of running, the German Shepherd loves the game of canine Frisbee. This game has the advantage of making you have a great time with your dog while not tiring you out. This game is also great for socializing your dog since you can involve other dogs in the game.


Tracking is also a great game for the German Shepherd. This type of game allows you to sharpen your flair. It must be said that the German shepherd is excellent at this game. This is why this dog is often chosen to help the police in various search missions. In addition, the tracking game provides excellent mental stimulation for your dog.


Finally, one activity that you should not miss doing with your German Shepherd is canicross. This activity allows you to develop your relationship with your dog and teach him basic commands. Allowing you and your dog to do a physical activity together, canicross can only be beneficial.

At Wustenbergerland, we offer you well-trained German Bloodline German Shepherds, and we will advise you more on the right exercises that work for them.