How To Choose A Dog Boarding House

To find a quality establishment located nearby, the best option is to consult a directory of dog boarding houses, and then look at the reputation of those that seem interesting. To do this, it is enough, for example, to consult the comments online or to inquire on social networks.

However, this does not replace a visit on-site: that is why, before leaving your dog in boarding, it is better to take the time to take a tour yourself.

Several elements can inform the master about the degree of professionalism and seriousness of the establishment:

  • Strict hygiene conditions must be respected: a quality establishment must be clean, lit, airy, secure, and treated against pests and insects. In addition, it must be air-conditioned in summer and/or heated in winter, if the local climate so requires;
  • It must accommodate only dewormed animals, up to date with their vaccines and treated against parasites;
  • Residents should appear healthy, happy, and well-treated;
  • The staff must be made up of animal professionals with a certificate of capacity. They must be affectionate and benevolent towards their residents, and be numerous enough to be able to spend time with each of them;
  • Dogs must benefit from quality maintenance, adapted in particular to their type of coat;
  • A veterinarian must be able to intervene at any time if care is necessary. Quality animal pensions often enter into a partnership with local veterinarians to guarantee very short response times in the event of a problem;
  • The equipment must be in accordance with the needs of the residents. For example, the dog must have the opportunity to isolate himself from other animals if he wishes (in a kennel, an individual box, etc.), he must have enough games and walks to exert himself, the kennel in which he stays must be large enough and have a view of the outside, etc.;
  • If the food is provided by the pension, it must be of quality and always fresh. In parallel, clean and fresh water must be available to the dog at all times;
  • The number of animals must be reasonable in relation to the size of the premises, as overcrowding can cause negative effects (stress, fights between dogs, injuries, health risks, etc.);
  • It must be possible to visit the premises on request, including before any reservation. is one of the top-rated dog boarding centers in SoCal, and they have a good reputation for offering affordable dog boarding san diego handling dogs with care and professionalism. They even offer training to your furry buddy.