My name is José Manuel Moncó García, a native of San Diego, CA my biggest hobby is to breed Spanish Mastiffs, those dogs that since ancient times were dedicated to taking care of the livestock of our ancestors, as well as protecting them from the large number of wolves and other vermin existing in the area. It is already a long time ago when I was very young that I am a great friend, defender and admirer of this beautiful animal.

“I admire in the Spanish Mastiff its molosity accompanied by an excellent structure throughout its set, its beauty marked by the characteristic typicity in the breed with its sufficient skins and without excesses, and all this embodied in an optimal movement”.

That is why we continue to maintain and try to make known every day more this magnificent dog breed, as well as its great adaptive character to any environment. His great nobility is remarkable to anyone who approaches him, while he is expectant with any strange gesture.