Mastiff Training In San Diego, CA

Education And Behavior Problems

Dog Training

The fundamental basis of training is to get a balanced dog, who trusts his owner, becoming his obedient and faithful friend.

The dog learns to walk at the pace set by the owner. He sits down and lies down to order.

He stands still while the owner walks away. And he comes to call him.

Socialization with dogs and people.

Hygiene (performing your physiological needs in the right place). Strengthen bond and play.

Bite inhibition.

Handling and hygiene so that visits to the veterinarian or hairdresser are pleasant and allowed to be manipulated.

Introduction to the clicker method.

General guidelines for happy coexistence.

Bienbenidas and hysterical receptions

Hours: 8 sessions of 75 minutes

Behavior Problems

All this can be learned with a leash and then annul it and obey only with gestures.

We insist a lot that having a dog is having a friend.

There are such unpleasant behaviors that they can sometimes get fed up with our dog.

Destructive problems at home.

Bad relationship with dogs.

Excessive barking.

Problems being left alone.

Uncontrolled footsteps and poop.

Inappropriate reactions.

He doesn’t come when called.

Fears or phobias.

Pull the strap.

Other problems.



You just have to study the case, and with proper guidelines the problem can cease to be.

This course can be done in a group, attending class or on a residence basis, depending on the availability of the owner’s time.

Complete obedience on track and street.

Walk without jerks.

Street crossings and road safety.

Clicker training

Go to the call.

Food rejection.

Bond and play.

Prevention of unwanted behaviors.


We also work on specific behaviors requested by students.

Hours: 10 sessions of 90 minutes.